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Moose Mountain Racing Club
By Laws
Revised March 2016
Article I
Moose Mountain Racing Club
Will be referred to in this document as
Article II
Moose Mountain Racing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to Lawn
Mower and Go Kart racing at Moose Mountain Speedway. It's primary objective is
handling the funds involved in running the organization. It also is responsible for
the rules and regulations that govern both racing and conduct at Moose Mountain
Speedway. This is accomplished by electing primary officials. These officials are
strictly volunteers and cannot receive any compensation of any kind.
Article III
Section 1. MMRC is made up of members who pay a yearly dues and sign on
their membership form that they have received a copy of the By-laws and Code of
Section 2. New membership will open for the year at the conclusion of the annual
election meeting in January and will be excepted until the end of the first race
event in August. No memberships will be excepted after this time.
Section 3. Membership entitles them to vote in any election or referendum. Each
member has 1 vote. In the event that the member is a minor a parent or legal
guardian can evoke parental rights and vote in their stead.
Section 4. No member may sue, threaten to sue, or press charges against another
member , official or any club officer or board member.
Section 5. Any member that discredits or brings slander to the clubs well being
will be subject to disciplinary action.
Section 6. SUSPENSION. Any member may be suspended or expelled for
violations of the BY-Laws , Rules and Codes of Conduct and Track Rules. The
accused will be notified of the complaint and pending actions regarding these
charges. The accused may submit a statement or appear before the board in their
defense. Any member under suspension will be barred from all MMRC activities
during the period of suspension
Article IV
Section 1. Responsibilities of the officials are to remain objective, unselfish,
responsible, honest, trustworthy and efficient. They must always act for the good
of the organization rather then the benefit of themselves. They need to exorcise
reasonable care in all decision making, without placing MMRC under unnecessary
Section 2. Nominations for these positions will be taken from the October meeting
from members who are in attendance. A nominee must be present to except the
Section 3. Voting for these positions will take place at the January meeting.
Nominations from the floor will not be excepted.
Section 4. The nominee must have been a member in good standing of MMRC for
a minimum of two (2) full years to serve as president and one (1) full year for other
Section 5. Forfeit of office. If any officer of the club fails to discharge the duties of
his/her office for three (3) consecutive meetings, he/she will forfeit the position
unless they can show good reason, or the club by formal vote decides otherwise.
Section 6. Vacancy in office. In case of a vacancy in office, the Board of Directors
shall have the power to fill that vacancy until the next annual meeting or until the
membership votes to elect a member to that position.
Section 7. In the event that all of the offices cannot be fulfilled the club can
continue with a President and a Secretary/Treasurer.
Section 8. Resignation. Any officer except the Treasurer shall have the privilege of
resigning at any time by having his/her resignation read at a meeting. The
Treasurer may resign after his/her resignation is read at a meeting and all accounts
are audited and reported correct by the audit committee.
Duties of officers
Section 1. The task of this office is to verse the day to day running of the club in
general, to include rules and regulations regarding racing at Moose Mountain in
general. This official is also Chief Financial Officer.
Section 2. The President shall preside at all club meetings and will ensure that the
By-Laws are upheld.
Section 3. He/She shall oversee all club activities and positions of office.
Section 4. He/She shall appoint all standing committees when required.
Section 5. He/She will be held accountable to the club membership.
Section 6. He/She shall be responsible to advise all club members of all club
Section 7. He/She is to act as chairperson of the Board of Directors.
Section 1. The task of this office is to replace the office of President in the event the
President cannot fulfill their duty. Anything short of death or deemed mentally
incompetent by a court of law the president must relinquish his office of his own
free will.
Section 2. He/She shall assist the President and assume His/Her duties in the
absence of the President.
Section 3. He/She will be responsible of assigning yearly pit stalls.
Section 4. He/She is to form and Chair the Audit Committee , who is responsible
for conducting the monthly audits and reporting to the membership.
Section 5. He/She will form and Chair the Banquet Committee.
Section 1. The task of this office is to keep record of race results and a race points
system. Also to collect funds, pay bills and keep record of all transactions. This
office can be separated into two offices.
Section 2. He/She shall record the proceedings of all club meetings and take care of
the club's correspondence.
Section 3. He/She will be responsible for maintaining membership roster.
Section 4. He/She will be responsible for preparing a notification to all members of
date, time, and location of regularly scheduled meetings Via text message, MMRC's
website and MMRC's Face book page.
Section 5. He/She will be responsible to have all the club's meeting minutes
available at club meetings.
Section 6. The treasurer or his/her assignees will be responsible for the collection of
all fee and/or dues and all other money's pertaining to MMRC.
Section 7. The treasurer will provide a financial report to the officers for quarterly
review upon request.
Section 8. He/She will be responsible for the accounting of all funds and the timely
deposit of funds into a bank approved by the membership.
The task of this office is to uphold security and safety at the track . In the event this
office does not receive any nominations the office of president can appoint someone
to this office.
Section 1. The Race Director who is elected by the membership shall be charged
with executing all the duties with the running of any MMRC competition as well as
working in conjunction with with the flagman/starter.
Section 2. The Race Director will be responsible for appointing the Flagging Staff,
Pit Stewart and Tech Personnel.
Section 3. The Race Director is to handle all appeals at the time a notice is given of
appeal. At which time the Assistant Race Director will be the one who maintains
constant eye contact with the race going on the track at that time.
Section 4. Protests to the Race Directors decisions are handled by the Board of
Assistant Race Director
Section 1. His/Her duties are to assist the Race Director with His/Her duties.
Section 2. He/She will also be a member of the Board of Appeals.
Section 1. An annual meeting will be held in January for the business of electing
officials and annual reports only. Voting will not take place at the banquet. Other
meetings will be scheduled after the election of the officials.
Section 2. There will a regular business meetings held every month. During the
racing season this meeting will be held at Moose Mountain Speedway one (1) hour
before the gates officially open before the first race of each month.
Section 3. Non members of MMRC may attend meetings with consent of the body,
but do not have the power to vote. Non members may not participate in in any
discussion unless recognized by the President.
Section 4. The regular order of business at a regular meeting shall be ;
A Reading the minutes of the previous meeting
B Treasures report
C Special committee reports
D Old business
E Nomination of new officers ( October meeting)
F Election of officers ( January meeting )
G New business
H Adjournment
Section 5. Special Meetings can be called by the President or Board of Directors
to handle any emergencies that may arise and cannot wait until the regularly
scheduled meeting.
Section 1. All Election voting will take place at the annual meeting in January.
Officials' duties are for one (1) year with unlimited terms.
Section 2. Officials and referendums must be nominated and seconded to be
eligible for a vote.
Section 3. All voting is done by a show of hands with the exception of the election
of officials. This will be done by written ballot which will be collected and tabulated
to detect a clear winner. The President will appoint two (2) people to tabulate the
Section 4. Quorum. The majority of members in attendance shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business at all meetings.
Section 5. Members must be present to vote. No absentee ballots will be excepted.
Section 6. Each member has one (1) vote. In the event that the member is a minor ,
a parent or legal guardian can evoke parental rights and vote in their stead.
Section 1. Dues shall consist of an annual fee to be determined by the officers and
presented to the membership, with additional assessments during the year if
Section 1. All race fees and dues go into a general fund unless otherwise specified.
Section 2. All monies received are to be deposited into the clubs bank account and
used only for the maintenance and interests of the club and its members. However
a majority vote of the members present at a general meeting , constituting a
quorum, can vote the appropriation of funds from the club treasury for the
disposition by the officers for any practical purpose agreed upon. All capitol
improvements shall be agreed upon by the officers and voted upon by the
Section 1. Audit Committee will consist of the Vice President of the club and two (2)
members to conduct monthly audits and report to the members at the meeting.
Section 2. Other committees can be established by the President or the Board of
Directors as may be needed. All committees will have a minimum of three (3)
members. Quorum for these committees will be one (1) more than half of the
members in attendance. Majority rules.
Section 1. The Board of Directors will, consist of the President, the Vice President,
the Secretary/Treasurer and the Race Director. This Board will have the power to
operate with only the President and one (1) other of these Officials. The Board will
always act in the best interest of the club and its members.
Section 2. The Board of Directors will act upon charges brought up against any
member for violation of the By-Laws and Rules of Conduct.
Section 3. It shall exorcise such further powers and perform such other duties as
may be assigned by the organization.
Section 1. If the club is dissolved for any reason all buildings and properties that
belong to the club are to be sold or auctioned off and all proceeds to be donated
back to the community in Oswego County.
SECTION 2. The President shall be responsible for these duties.
Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order shall govern meetings where they
are not in conflict with the By-Laws, rules of order, or other rules of this
These By-Laws can be amended at any regular meeting providing that all members
are previously notified . Previous notice can be sent by E-mail, Text or on the
MMRC website or Face Book account .
Information stated in the Introduction of this document can not be voted on.