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Classes, Weights and Ages

The WKA Rulebook is used as a guideline for the FlatHead Classes and For Rules of Conduct.

All Clone Classes will follow The AKRA Rule for Engine Specs.

This Year all Adult Clone Classes will be allowed to run any legal  Pipe big or small and Drum Clutch.

Is the official and only tire of Moose Mountain Racing Club.

Novice (Clone with Red Plate or Briggs with a Purple Plate) 200# age 5 to 15 This class is design for New Racers who have no experience regardless of age.

Green Plate Clone 250# 8-10yrs

Purple Plate Clone 250# 9-11 yrs

Blue Plate Clone  Light 275# 10-12yrs

Blue Plate Clone Heavy 300# 12-15yrs

Blue Plate Briggs 275# 8-12yrs

Gold Plate Briggs 300# 12-15yrs

Stock Light 325# 15 & up

Stock Heavy 375# 15 & up

Outlaw Champ 350# 15 & up Engine 4 stroke Must Start Out 212 cc or less (Has to be a utility motor Predator, Clone, Animal, Briggs Flathead) Do what you want to the inside of motor. Any Carb. allowed. No Billet Heads or Billet Blocks.

Open UAS weight to cc guidelines

Clone Light  325# 15 & up. Any Legal Pipe big or small and Drum Clutch.

Clone Heavy  375# 15 & up. Any Legal Pipe big or small and Drum Clutch.

Stock Super Heavy 425# (Driver 200#) 15 & up

Clone Super Heavy 400# (Driver 200#) 15 & up. Any Legal Pipe big or small  Drum Clutch

Stock KT100

****** Mandatory that all Junior Classes must have a kill switch mounted on the steering wheel. Competitors will be given one to comply.(i.e. You show up with out it, you will beable to race that day. The following week you the a kill switch MUST be on the steering wheel. No Ecemptions)

****** Mandatory that all competitors have a Fire Extinguisher in their pit stall.


******All Drivers must be wearing their safety equipment every time they go out on the race track. Gloves, Neck Brace, Long Sleeves, Closed Toe Shoes, Helmet and No Ripped Jeans.

****** Blue Plate Clone Heavy Drivers may not enter the Blue Plate Clone Light Class. The Blue Plate Light Class was started for the drivers that don't have as many years racing as others do in their age range.

****** If you are a Junior Driver and race in a Adult Class at another Track it will be up to the Officials what Class you are able to run once returning to race with us.

****** Once a Jr. Driver races in a Adult Class at the track they will no longer be eligable to race in any Jr. Classes

****** We reserve the right to move all Junior Drivers up or down a class. If we do decide to move a Junior Driver up or down a class Your points will transfer with you to the new class.

****** We also reserve the right to mix classes with 3 Karts or less. Each Class will be scored separately and points will be rewarded on the finishing order of the individual classes not the overall finish on the race track.