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                                                            Track Rules


1. Competition Rules

A yellow flag occurring with in the first lap of a race will call for a new original double file restart. Original Starts will get 3 attempts at a double file start. After the third attempt it will become a single file start. And the front row will be moved to the rear of the field. A yellow flag occurring after the first lap is completed will result in double file restarts until half way of the event. All restarts past the half way mark will be single file.

2.Participants are allowed 2 unassisted spin outs per race. Upon the third spin the participant will be given the blag flag as a safety hazard to other drivers and must pull off the race track.

3. Number Plates

Minimum Height is 6” must be displayed on all four sides of Kart. 1 on the front, 1 on the right side, 1 on the left side and one on the rear of kart on a number panel attached to rear bumper or rear of seat. Please use colors that are easy for the scorers. If the scorers cant's see them, they can't score you.

Rookies number plate must be orange for their first year of Racing.

4. Substitute Drivers

1. Substitute drivers are not allowed. If a driver is not able to compete in an event or for any reason, not able to compete in a future event(s), no alternate or substitute driver may replace the entered or affected driver, whether for one race or one event, for the purpose of accumulating points on behalf of affected driver. Points are awarded to a driver not a Kart. If you are caught using a relief driver to accumulate points for yourself, you will loose all your points.

2. Chassis: A driver may request a chassis change during the event using the following procedure.

A. Request must be made to head scorer or assistant scorer

B. Competitor will start at back of his/her class or classes if entered in multiple classes.

C. If a formal request isn't made you will not be scored and you will not gain any points for that event. No excemptions.

5. Pit Area

    1. No driving Karts with in the Pit Area. When exiting the track must stop by the orange cones. Also no driving onto the scales. Must stop, shut engine off and pick up and place your kart onto the scales.

    2. You are responsible for your pit area. If you leave behind garbage behind you will be charged a $25 clean up fee.

    3. No parking in spots with a number clearly displayed. Those are reserved parking spots.

    4. No Alcohol allowed in the pit area.

    5. No BBQing in the Pit Area

    6. No Open Flames allowed in the Pit Area

    7. All competitors must have a fire extinguisher in their pit area.

6. Driver Safety Equipment

1. All drivers under the age of 13 must wear a chest protector for their own safety. They will not be allowed onto the race track with out one.

      1. All Drivers must wear their safety equipment every time they go out onto the track. Gloves, Neck Brace, Long Sleeves, Closed Toed Shoes, Helmet and Non Ripped Jeans or Driving Suites.

      2. All Junior Drivers must have a kill switch mounted on the steering wheel. Competitors will be given one to comply.(i.e. You show up with out it, you will be able to race that day. The following week a kill switch MUST be on the steering wheel. No Exceptions)

      3. All long hair must be tucked up completely into the driver's helmet.

      4. Long Sleeves must meet your gloves.(ie. No exposed skin)

7. Class Eligibility

    1. MMRC reserves the right to move Junior Drivers up or down a class depending on their Racing Ability. If MMRC moves a driver the points they have obtained will transfer to their new class with them. This will only be done if MMRC makes the decision on their own.

    2. Novice (Clone Engine with a Red Plate or a Flathead with a Purple Plate) 200 lbs minimum weight ages 5 to 15. This class is designed for new racers who have no experience regardless of age.

    3. AKRA rules are used as a guideline for Clone Engine Specs. The WKA rules are used as a guideline for the Flathead Engine Specs.

    4. Green Plate Clone 250 lbs 8 to 10 yrs

    5. Purple Plate Clone 250 lbs 9 to11 yrs

    6. Blue Plate Clone Light 275 lbs 10 to 12 yrs

    7. Blue Plate Clone Heavy 300 lbs 12 to 15 yrs

    8. Blue Plate Flathead 275 lbs 8 to 12 yrs

    9. Gold Plate Flathead 300 lbs 12 to 15 yrs

    10.Stock Light 325 lbs 15 & up

    11. Stock Heavy 375 lbs 15 & up

    12. Stock Super Heavy 425 lbs (Driver 200lbs) 15 & up

    13.Outlaw Champ 350 lbs 15 & up 4 Stroke Engine. Must start out 212 cc or less. (Has to be a utility engine Predator, Clone, Animal Briggs Flathead) Do what you want to inside of motor. Can run any carb. No billet heads or billet blocks.

    14. Open UAS weight to cc Rule 18 & up

    15. Clone Light 325 lbs 15 & up

    16. Clone Heavy 375 lbs 15 & up

    17. Clone Super Heavy 425 lbs (Driver 200 lbs)

    18. Stock KT 100

    19. Jr UAS Ages 13-17 Open Tire, Open Fuel, Any Carburetor, Wedge Body Mandatory (Safety). 15" Max height at front wheel c/l from the ground. 24" Max height at rear axle c/l from the ground.Engines. 4-Stroke 14.5 cu Max. 2-Stroke any 100cc kart based piston port engine, i.e..... Yamaha, PRD, TKM, Comer, Komet, ect. No Check on Bore, or Stroke. Must remain piston port engine, (no reeds). Minimum Weight..320lbs for both 2, and 4 stroke engine platforms. Required to be equipped with a tether kill switch and fuel tanks are to have a rollover/check valve installed

Part 2

      a. If there are 3 Karts or less in a class MMRC reserves the right to mix that class with another like class for the

          purpose of moving the show along.

      b. Each class will be scored separately and points awarded to each class respective to the finishing order of each individual class.

Part 3 Age Eligibility

      a. A driver's actual age as of December 31 shall establish his/her competition age for the competition year.

    b. New or inexperienced drivers may be required to start at the rear of the field for safety reasons. If a driver gets lapped and/or shows a significant lack of experience, the race director may place the driver at the rear of the grid until more experience is attained.
8. Race Procedure

    1. If you pull off the Race Track you will not be able to renter the track. If you stall coast to a safe position on the track. Once the field has slowed a safety worker will attempt to restart you.

    2. If you think your repair is minor and or can be fixed quickly pull to the exit of the race track off the racing surface. You will be allowed a three(3) courtesy laps to attempt your repair. If not capable of repairing your equipment you will be directed to pull of the track and will not be able to return to the track during that event. (If you broke in the heat race you can not come back out in the Heat Race but are able to renter the track for your feature. If you pulled off during your Feature you are done for the day)

9. Point System

    1. 100 points for 1st place, 95 points for 2nd place, 90 points for 3rd place, 88 points for 4th place with a continuing 2 point drop for every position on back.

    2. Year end points are based on a Drivers 9 best finishes of the 10 Point Races.

    3. Members receive points for the position they finished on the Race Track provided they pass Post Race Tech.

    4. Refusing Post Race Inspection will earn you Zero Points for that Day. Also that race can not be dropped in the point total.

    5. Being Black Flagged on the Race Track for Equipment Issues will earn you last place points for that day.

    6. Being Black Flagged on the Race Track for Driving Infractions will earn Zero Points and a nice friendly chat with the Flagger.Also that race can not be dropped in the point total.

    7. If you made a attempt to qualify and are unable to make the feature you will earn last place points for the day.

    8. Being Dqed for failing Post Race Tech will earn you Zero Points for that day. Also that race can not be dropped in the point total.

10. Protest Rules

           a. Drivers have the right to protest their own event that they participated in.

           b. Drivers have up to 30 minutes from the completion of their event to have a properly filled out protest form

              handed to the Race Director.

          c. The Race Director will handle all protests in a timely fashion upon receiving a properly filled out protest form.

          d. Upon receiving a properly filled out Protest Form the Race Director will have the Assistant Race Director assume the duties of the

               Race Director until the Race Director has rendered a decision of the protest.

          e. Once the Race Director has made a decision about the protest he/she will state their decision on the Protest Form and return it to the

              Protesting Driver.

          f. The Protesting Driver if so chooses can protest the Race Directors Decision to The Board Of Appeals.

          g. The Protesting Driving must notify a member of the Board Of Appeals by handing them their original Protest Form.

          h. That member will then notify the other members of the Board Of Appeals.

          I. The Board Of Appeals will convene their meeting As soon as possible.

          j. All   decisions of The Board Of Appeals are final.

11. Board Of Appeals

        a. The Members of this Board are charged with the duties of making final decisions if and only if a Driver protests the Race Director's decision of

            their protest.

        b. This Board will only convene after a MMRC event.

        c. All decisions of the Board Of Appeals are final.

        d. The Members of this Board Of Appeals are MMRC President, MMRC Vice President, MMRC Assistant Race Director, Event Scorer.


12. Refund Policy

        a. No refunds will be given for any reason.