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Novice Clone

1 Joey Ariddzzone

2 Jacob Hammond

Blue Plate Flat Head

1 Alex Whooten

2 Justin Gates


Gold Plate Flat Heat

1 Nicole Tarbano


Purple Plate Clone

1 Joey Ariddzzone*******

2 Sammy Rice

3 Logan Abbott

4 Isabell Abbott

****** Joey receives no points for this class as he was not registered to run in the class.

Clone Blue Plate Lite

1 Seth Perrin

2 Makaila May

3 Justin Wright

4 Riley Hammond

Clone Blue Plate Heavy

1 Troy Revette

2 Joe Trichilo

3 Kelsey Wright

4 Kevin Graves

5 Tyler Coant


Clone Lite

1 Tyler Buffham


Clone Heavy

1 Eric Raponi

2 Joe Hayden


Flat Head Lite

1 Kevin Baltz

2 Rob Wright

3 Ryan Amell

4 Tom Perrin

5 Tanner Zellar

6 Brandon Savage

Flat Head Super Heavy

1 Kevin Baltz

2 Ron Abbott Sr.

3 Tanner Zellar

4 Ron Abbott Jr.

Outlaw Champs

1 Bill Miner

2 Tim Merritt

3 Don Chairs


1 Rick Revette

2 Richard Jordal

3 Jerry T.

Improved Mower

1 George Wright

Twin Mod Mower

1 Mike Lavalley